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Wild Child Women

This is my fuggn FAVORITE poet right now!!!  Why does she describe me and all my friend to a T???  Why does she know me sooo well?



For all you Crazy, Loud, Eccentric, Fiery, Passionate, Romantic, Sex loving, Stubborn, Angelic, Smart, Talented, Outlandish, Pulling your Fuckin’ hair out, Wild Child Artist women out there-
This is for you.
I am you.
You are me.
We are fire.
We are high heels and hoodies
We are belly laughs and risk
We are classy yet silly
We are Wild.
Not every guy is for us
We attract ones who are initially enthralled by our spice
But then become suddenly scared of our prickle
We are not perfect and in case anyone didn’t know..
We Know This.
Sometimes our cup runneth over with passion,
Sometimes we use our hands in overly loud gestures from whatever culture we hail,
But unfortunately Dear Lovers,
We cannot be spiced to your particular tongue.
You must swallow us whole.
We know we confuse you.
One moment we exude sass,
The next we purr with sweet kisses.
Part playful girl- part wise woman,
Moneymakers, vision masters,
Mothers love us, polite and smart,
Your boys think we’re mad cool,
We can hold a conversation with Anyone, Anywhere,
We got it covered.

Men cant believe G-d created women this diverse,
So they suspect it’s a trap.
They turn us upside down and shake us,
Trying to see if a clue will fall from our beautiful mouths.

Dumbfounded many crawl away.
This pains us deeply.
We feel pain and joy like knife strokes on bellies,
But we must let them walk.
They will never forget us,
But they can’t hang with us.
We- Go-Hard.
We end up with the men that are smart enough to know
They found the winning ticket,
And they are cashing in quick,
They are never the men we pictured ourselves with.
Their strength is Ninja-like,
Chill, familiar, Secure,
Like summertime stoops.
In the past we always fell for dark alleyways.

But even you dear ticket holder,
Might need a guide to our species habits,
Here goes;
We are fiercely loyal.
Sometimes to a fault.
Hands will be bit, if you mess with our kin or our man.

We argue with our girlfriends then make up with them crying.
We all have at least one crazy friend in our clan that we’ve known forever
That might crash on our couch for a night.
Ok… Maybe a week.
They are family.
They come with the package.

Some nights just out of nowhere we’ll bust out crying,
And you’ll say-
“What the hell happened-you were fine a minute ago!”
And we’ll say, “I dunno, -I just need to fuckin’ cry ok!”
We just need you to be there.

Then we’ll go sing dance, paint or write
And fuck you like you never knew what hit you.
We think that’s fair exchange for a minor flip out.

Just cause we are Divas doesn’t mean we aren’t old fashioned and domestic,
Our strength doesn’t excuse you from chivalry, and Valentines Day.
We are girly, feminine, hopeless romantics.
We want doors opened
We cook and clean- if we feel its deserved
Remember we are doers, not followers.
We want to be claimed but not owned.
We know our unruly asses sometimes need to be lassoed in
Let us shine.
Let others enjoy a glimpse,
Get excited
Knowing we go home
Only with you.
To you.
We want you.
Our capacity to socialize is nothing you’ve ever seen the likes of,
Don’t be alarmed by our tolerance to liquor, coffee, smoking, food.
We are made of some other shit.
We carry grown ass men out of bars
And kick amateur girls to the curb.
Be assured the mature wild child has mentally mastered moderation
But if you get drunky girl one night don’t be surprised.
Sometimes we slip.
That’s all for now,
We appreciate your patience and passion.
We know its complicated but you seem like a quick study
My wild, crazy, unruly, artsy, fiery, sweet, smart, talented sisters,
I am you. You are Me.
We are not for everyone
But We Live.
Carry On.


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Honey Larochelle

Write up about OUR SHOW @ Canal Room



…Opening the show was Honey Larochelle, backed by a four piece band and two backup singers. On her MySpace page she describes her music as Soul / Folk Rock / R&B. Yes, she’s all that, and more.

HoneyLarochelle2 HoneyLarochelle

Excellent voice, wide range, bubbly spirit, showmanship. All four band members are very good, as are the backup singers, so the whole ensemble works well together.

Honey announced that she would be doing a bunch of Christmas songs (and I’ll explain in a minute why I believed her). She opened the show with one, but I don’t think she played a second one for the remainder of the 35-minute set (though perhaps I’m addled after the rest of the great show).

The rest of the set was a romp that covered the above-mentioned genres and added a closing Hip Hop number with Kenny Muhammad called I Love a Human Beat Box (or it should be if it isn’t). Kenny truly is a human beat box. In fact, he sounds like a full drum set in addition to other DJ like sounds. Pretty amazing.


Honey also did a wonderful number as a tribute to her mother’s common sense advice when she was growing up, which she now appreciates even though she ignored it at the time, called Hold You Down. She had the audience sing during the chorus. We did a better job than the audience in this YouTube version of the song. :-)

Backing her up, left-to-right:

Devory Pugh on keyboards (sorry, no good standalone link). He was solid, highlighted on one number. We chatted with him for a minute after the show. He also manages artists. Very nice guy! One of his guys, Charles Perry, will be appearing at Gospel Uptown on 1/19/2010.


Playing the electric guitar was a new member to the band (this was the second time he appeared with them). He has a Polish name that I didn’t catch. I’ll update the post if someone fills in his name for me. He was quite tasty, playing a jazz/blues style. Clearly a superior talent.


Greg Norwood (AKA G the Backbone) on drums (also no good links). He was absolutely incredible throughout the set.


Jesse Singer on bass (again, no good links). He was solid throughout the set.


Regine Roy and Cole Williams sang backup and did a great job. They both had good stage presence.


While I can appreciate R&B, it’s not the typical music we go to see, so it was a treat to see someone that we enjoyed as much as we did. Even though I still think that the genre was not well matched to the headliners, it worked for two reasons: 1) all of the performers were top notch; 2) Honey is good friends with Ian (and possibly Greg), so there were quite a number of overlapping fans.

The Canal Room website listed the show as starting at 7:30pm, with doors opening at 7pm. We like to get to General Admission shows early so that we can sit as close to the stage as possible (preferably the front row). While the sound isn’t the best that close up, the view is. Lois is very near-sighted, so if we’re not right near the stage, the entire show is a blur to her.

We showed up early, as usual, and found out that everything was shifted back 1/2 an hour. It was cold out, but we were fine braving it to be first in. After a bit, management took pity on us (we were the only ones in line!), and told us that we could wait in the lobby inside. We were grateful, it’s quite an unusual move (we know from long experience).

After waiting 15 minutes inside, still long before the doors were supposed to open, another member of management also took pity on us, and told us that we could go in, but that it was still sound check time, so we should be respectful of that. Of course, we were.

It turned out to be quite special. We sat in the front row and watched Honey and the band warm up and play a number of songs they didn’t do in the set (mostly Christmas numbers that I guess they intended to do). Really good! But, in addition to just enjoying the music, I got a much better look at the guitar player, who played a lot of interesting riffs throughout the sound check.

We also chatted with Honey very briefly after sound check, and she’s as lovely as could be.

After the show we talked to Ian for a minute and got him to sign one of his EPs that we purchased at the Rockwood show. I always implore my readers to support the artists that they like, and we do whatever we can ourselves.

We bought an Ian Axel T-Shirt from Chad Vaccarino who was working Ian’s merch table. Chad did a great job singing with Ian at Rockwood and is credited with convincing Ian to start singing. Thank you Chad!

We also purchased three Greg Holden CDs and an unmixed, unmastered, unreleased CD of Honey’s, pressed just for fans that come to these types of shows.

Greg signed one of his CDs as well, and we got to tell him directly how much we love Nothing But a Memory (perhaps if I write it often, he and Joey will decide to make Lois happy and stick with that name!). ;-)

We also ran into two of our favorite Alexes, Alex Berger and Alex Wong. We got to spend a bit more time with Alex Berger because we talked to him before Honey took the stage, and then after the show as well. Seeing Alex Wong was a treat too. I knew that he had a show in SF tonight and tomorrow, so we didn’t think he was still in town. His flight just made it out of NYC minutes ago, so hopefully he’ll hit the stage in time for the show…


We know that the next time, we’ll be as likely to be told to wait outside until the doors officially open, but for last night, we’ll be forever grateful on all accounts. :-)

I’m just a SILLY-illy -illy illy girl….

Howdy y’all,

It’s been a great year eh? I know we all had accomplishments and failures and dreams and passions, and experiences…unforgettable stuff just flew by right?!  I feel like I just celebrated New Years Eve, and already its approaching again….MIAMI please.

Well welcome to my site. Enjoy the goofy videos, I got more fun times, documented, and ready  to post soon…and be sure to come to the last show if you’re in NYC

Friday December 18th at Canal Room.  730 doors.  8pm show.

10 buckaroos.  Bring a friend. its 18and up…so bring your little cousins.

cant wait to see you.  so i can be silly-illy-illly in front of you…

oh the weather outside is frightful….got no fire just a deceiving mantle…but as longas you love me so….let it snow! for all I care!


just incase you were wondering!Apparently our bodies are built to expel waste while squatting, but our laziness over the years has developed into the sitting technique, which is now the only one allowed at fancy Malay Hotels…so this sign is there for anyone who may not be sure which method to attempt.  Did I mention that toilets are much smaller here?