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Honey Larochelle is a Canadian born singer, songwriter, vocal arranger and vocal producer based in Hollywood, CA. She grew up with a single Mum who had a successful singing career, touring with Marvin Gaye, Little Richard, Bryan Adams and many others. Honey got her first world tour in 2006 as a background singer with the Brand New Heavies, and soon became their lead singer. Then she went on many other world tours with a multitude of artists including Joss Stone and soul legend, Omar.

All of her touring experience very quickly lead to a three year recording contract with Macy Gray and a mentorship with the Icon, Miss Roberta Flack.

Throughout this whirlwind of world tour hopping and producing, arranging, and writing songs for other artists, Honey rarely had time to work on her own material.  It took her 7 years to release her debut album, a warm and edgy mash up of classic soul, R&B, hip-hop and reggae entitled “The Yes Feeling.”  It was released in 2013 on Butter Fly Soul Records.  It’s timeless and soulful sounds won her the “Best New Artist” Award from the worlds largest soul outlet in the world, SoulTracks.

Since then, she has continued writing songs with countless artists and producers in many genres. In early 2015, GRAMMY award winning pop duo “A Great Big World” released their hit single “Already Home” Co-written by Miss Larochelle, on Epic records.

In 2013 she her phone rang with an invitation to be the lead singer for an a cappella group while they competed on season 4 of NBC’s a cappella reality show, The Sing-Off. She excelled in helping create and perform arrangements in the high pressure environment of corporate reality television. Honey was soon a well known and liked personality on the show. Her group made it to the top 5 before being voted off by judges.  Their youtube videos though, were liked by hundreds of thousands.

In 2010 Honey was introduced to a group of entertainers like no others she had ever encountered.  Using life sized puppets and crazy colourful costumes, The Fungineers’ unique and ingenious  “Kids Show for Adults” introduced her to a whole new world of possibilities with their brand of “Anything goes, and nothing is too silly or too weird.”

Somewhere along the lines this soul and R&B songstress began to unleash her “inner weirdo” creating and developing characters like “The Plush Groovy Plaid-a-Puss” and most recently the ever so popular “Pizza Goddess.” Honey was drawn in to the west coast bass-music festival scene and that’s when she discovered that she was not only a fan of bass and EDM music but also a rare commodity in that world being that she can rap, sing, and write catchy hooks and melodies off the top of her head. In a world where most shows are just lights and computers, she offered something organic and powerful. Even when wearing a massive slice of Pizza, Honey began jumping up on stages with many notable DJ’s and artists, singing made-up songs about whatever she wanted and/or whatever the audience suggested.  Honey stopped caring about how she looked or being pretty or any of the things most girls worry about, and she began just sharing from the heart. The response has been tremendous.

Now everything has changed for this Canadian, “five-star hippie.” Out of pure habit, Honey Larochelle has written and cultivated a catalog way too large to introduce to the public all at once. Having so many songs in so many genres filling her head and her computer began to weigh her down and make her feel lost. Thankfully she is surrounded by geniuses who believe in her and who have helped turn her overwhelming catalog into a brilliant plan.

She will not only have one release this year but an entire series of EP’s through the course of 2016, each one showcasing a whole new side of this complex artist’s wide range and skill.  She shares real stories in ways that make you wanna move, dance, and make love.

Her first EP,  “Hijack,” is a soulful and dynamic Bass and EDM curation that launched Nov.10th 2015.

With the help of Fungineers’ Director, Kyrian Bobeerian, Honey created a sexy fantastical music video to accompany this tantalizing song a-la “Marie Antoinette meets Alice in Wonderland.”

Staying true to her new motto “Authenticity before conformity” Hijack showcases some of every human’s natural primal instincts in a fun and colorful way.

Honey insists that the content she is creating now is more honest than she has ever been in public before. She is not willing to sugar coat or smile pretty anymore. This time all you get is real, raw, Honey.

“If I don’t have a show of my own, I’ll be at Honey’s’ show cheering her on! She is so talented, I just want to produce her!” -Roberta Flack

“Honey is a pure artist. Her voice drips of love and sex. Her words are magic” -Macy Gray

“You know what’s hot about her… she can really sing but she delivers her songs like an emcee.” -Eric Sermon (EPMD)

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Vancouver-raised, Orlando-trained, Texas-transient, New York-based Honey Larochelle is a young fire waiting to spread.  She has been singing from the age of 5, under the wings of a professional singer mother, C.C Larochelle, who has worked for many of the greats, including Marvin Gaye, Bryan Adams, Little Richard and Bon Jovi. Absorbing real life lessons from her mother, Honey started an early professional career singing on a John Denver album at Age 6, and by Age 8 recorded a children’s album in collaboration with her Mom, then began song-writing by Age 13.  Since her pre-teens, Honey’s voice has graced over 200 song recordings, spanning all genres.  On the live front, Honey has performed with, or opened for, many reputable artists such as Roberta Flack, The Brand New Heavies, Macy Gray, AJ from Backstreet Boys, Maya Azucena, and Donna Summer.  Honey started out ahead of the game, yet never took a thing for granted and stays committed to her growth as a competitive force in Music.

Since moving to New York, Honey has become a sought after vocalist and a well-known name within the New York music circuit.  She graced the stages of the legendary Blue Note, Lenox Lounge, Canal Room and the Village Underground, among others.  Honey brings an unstoppable bubble of energy to the stage with her 6-piece band.

In between her personal music endeavors, Honey travels the world with bands such asThe Brand New Heavies, Joss Stone, Roberta Flack, and her Label owner Macy Gray as their backup vocalist.  N’Dea Davenport notes that, “Honey Larochelle is one of my favorite people to sing with!”

As a songwriter, Honey recently collaborated with notable artists Jennifer Hudson, who says, “I’ve never seen anything like her, she just asked me a few questions about myself and my life, and next thing you know she had a verse and hook written.”

She also had the honor of singing on Donny Osmond’s (Osmond Bro’s, Donny and Marie) latest album, Love Songs of the 70’s, and is the featured lead singer of Thomas Mcclary’s (Commodores) upcoming gospel record ‘Revolution, not a Revival.’

After spending most of her childhood in Vancouver, Honey and her mother relocated to El Paso, Texas. There she began to venture into theater and dance. Through out her teenage years, Honey played lead in many of her high school musicals, and also doubled as the lead famale vocalist in a professional circuit band, the Krunch, and this encouraged her to further pursue her career in music.

Honey’s ambition drove her to Orlando, Florida where she began to develop her professional music career. It was easy for her to break into the professional scene at Disney World and Universal Studios, where she stood out as a performer and was ultimately awarded Best Female Acappella lead. She has also been featured on several aerobics records where she was hired to record sound-alike hit songs. This is a result of her versatility.   Honey says:

“I can emulate just about anybody, and that’s why it took me so long to figure out who I am. I’ve been in a gang, dated hustlers, and I’ve also been the chick with thick glasses who dresses weird and sings in musicals.  Finally, I’m clear about who I am…I’m a lot of different people all rolled into one, and I love being me!”

Talent and charisma attracted former group members from Urbanesque, a soulful four-girl R&B group, where Honey took the lead. For four years the group performed all over Florida, and Georgia and garnished the attention of hit producer Veit Renn, who signed them to his production company, RMP, and later to his record label, Titanium Records. Veit acknowledged Honey’s talent in songwriting by inviting her to co-write and co-produce Urbanesque’s debut album.  During the few years Urbanesque was together, they were nominated Best New Artist and Best R&B Artist at the Orlando Music Awards.  They were also featured on several mix tapes, showcased on Macy’s Christmas special in Atlanta GA, and enjoyed fame in the south east, before Honey went solo.

Over the years, Honey collaborated with several prestigious producers, such as Micheal Mangini (Joss Stone, Busta Rhymes, Donnie Osmand), Shaun Fisher (Mandy Moore, Steven Segal), Veit Renn (N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, Aaron Carter) and Heeba Jeeba Productions out of ATL, consequently recording several early demos.

This year Honey wraps up her solo debut album, “Flight of the Honey B,” in which she shares insights on her life experience and her growth as a young woman. “Flight of the Honey B” is Honey’s 12-song  debut that reveals her crisp and soaring soprano gift, while capturing her dynamic songwriting and production skills. Her joyous and unique Funk-Soul sound is sure to make an impact on the listener.

Honey’s journey proves that she is a triple-threat: an amazing singer, songwriter, and musician.  With her chameleon-like gifts, her glowing persona, and her passion for the stage, Honey Larochelle will soon become a name to remember and a Classic to hold on to.






or Honeylarochelle@gmail.com


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