Miss Erica Dee and I were adopted by the Fungineers! A crew of magical creatives, complete with Australian costume designers, gem shop owners, elven magicians, and so much more! We rocked the Bass Coast Fest in Squamish, B.C and it was definitely an intense experience. To top it off, it was my little sister Sam’s 20th b-day and my cousin Yvonne’s Bday too! I brought them up for a couple days each, playing Vancouver Pride in between. It was so much fun- I have never felt so free, and I even got to wear my favorite fantasy costumes. Way wilder than I have been before. I think you guys are in for a treat!

This next chapter is gonna be a whole new wilder, more colorful, more creative, Honey.

I even freestyled…MANY times!  and I didn’t fuck up! (WOW. I can freestyle…kinda. haha!) You guys just wait.
Here are a few pics, hoping to give you a small glimpse of how amazing the stage (which was an 8 month long art installation project) looked, and some of the super creative flamboyant costumes, the pumpkin booties, and perky titties that were flying around. 😉 I had a good time, to um…sum it up! Next comes shambalah- Y’all ain’t ready!

Honey Larochelle

“Flight of the Honey B”

Here are a couple shot of some of our performances at bass coast fest. This is Me, with Erica Dee, The Fungineers, Lafa Taylor, Russ Liquid and Dub FX.  Very Amazing bunch!  And look at that stage! OMG!