Clean Lust and Dirty Laundry- OUT NOW!

Hey all!
I am so excited to announce that my new mixtape, Clean Lust and Dirty Laundry, is finally out! This project was so much fun for me, and I met and worked with so many great individuals. I have also been on my Spontaneous Soul Sessions tour playingnew music from the tape and traveling around the mountains (reception is low, but the air is amazing).

Honey Larochelle- Clean Lust and Dirty Laundry

The new mixtape cover!

The mixtape is available on BandCamp, and you can leave as little (or as much (-; ) as you’d like to donate for it. I have already recieved some phenomenal feedback from fans- love you guys!

You download the album on BandCamp here:

Or view a new episode of my vlog, The Honey Larochelle Show,  here: